MEGA MAN 11 Demo Is Bringing Mega Man Back to The Future

Nintendo Switch Demo Played


Jumping around in the Mega Man 11 demo, a stage belonging to a robot named Block Man all the fears I had about it becoming another Mighty No. 9 ebbed away. This is a great looking update to the classic Mega Man games and if the rest of the game is this slick, I’ll love it. The first thing that struck me was the brilliantly bright and cartoony graphics with enemies that are wonderfully designed and animated, it is absolutely Mega Man you’re looking at here and everything has that distinct style.


Controlling Mega Man himself feels good although I did feel like he was a little more floaty than in previous games… but perhaps that’s just me imagining things. He can charge up his mega buster, call Rush the Robo Dog to spring up to higher platforms and the demo gives you two special weapons to play with that you can switch between easily with the main shoulder buttons of the controller. A new mechanic comes in the form of the Gears System, whereby you can either slow down time or you can power up your weapon strength with a press of a button. This works on a cool down system to prevent over use and leads to some interesting platform puzzling and enemy encounters that have to be solved with careful meting out of this mechanic. It can also be used to create a sort of rage state where you move at super speed and with super power when you’re at low energy, but for me this felt like more of a hindrance than a help. I am a bit worried that sections of game will become too reliant of this mechanic as to make them frustrating instead of simply being challenging… oh and the stage in the demo is definitely a good taste of the challenge to come. I’m a seasoned Mega Man fan who has come straight out of playing the Mega Man X Legacy Collection and I found this a challenge. Loving the new boss too, his smack talk during the fight was a nice touch and the fact he transforms from a cute little robot into a giant stone ogre also led to challenging boss fight.  I predict that I’m going to get a lot of enjoyment out of this game and hopefully they add a few bells and whistles to keep the game going beyond the usual 8 bosses and Dr. Wily’s castle… now, just make the door transitions work like they should because it currently feels weird and un-Mega Man not being able to transition to the boss room mid-jump!

Image result for mega man boss door gif

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