Reviewed by Bogdan Tiganov
I heard about Ice Cream Man. A horror anthology they said. Horror, I thought, ice cream man, I thought. I picked up issue 6.
So here is the cover:
I believe this is the variant cover. It’s written by W. Maxwell Prince with art by Martín Morazzo.
On the inside cover it asks:
Where did your life split?
That is very telling. In fact, with no spoilers, this story is split in three. Three colours. Like the ice cream that a young man purchases at the beginning of the comic.
The way the rest of the comic pans out is frankly ingenious. It shows you what can be done with comics as a medium.
Each double spread is split into three. Three colours for three stories. Three different ways that someone’s life could pan out.
We’ve all wondered, haven’t we, what if we chose that or did that in life instead of this?
Needless to say all three stories are played out in an incredibly smart way. There’s very little dialogue or narration. The images do all the work and some are truly horrific.
It’s a comic that needs to be experienced. Ice Cream Man is for the comics purists out there or for anyone who appreciates ingenuity and talent when they see it. I’ll be sure to pick up the other issues.

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