Game Backlog Challenge! Ha Ha Sure!

It is time. Time to clear my backlog. I have over 300 games in my PS4 library alone.

How. The. Hell. Did that happen?

Image result for this is too much gif

There is probably some really deep seated psychological issue to my gaming addiction and something I think I will try to confront as… I play… more… video games?

OK I see how that is a terrible way to cure a potential addiction to something that might not actually be a real addiction anyway  (and OH my GOD I am wearing a Super Mario Bros 3 t-shirt while typing this) and even contemplating this raises some complicated psychological question as to WHY WOULD YOU FUCKING DO THIS TO YOURSELF?! Well I enjoy playing games. But I also like torturing myself with them too. I remember the first time I finished a game that had an ending of sorts – it was Super Mario Bros on the NES and the feeling I got from finishing that game and the praise lavished on my by my Dad… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Shit. There it is. My gaming issues… are actually me reliving that time my dad seemed truly proud of me… surviving all kinds of obstacles and demons and getting the girl at the end. It all makes sense now! But it doesn’t end there… because then there was the soul crushing disappointment of the game I never finished, the game my dad would always bring up. Air Wolf on the NES. A game for which I hold so much fear in my heart I haven’t even attempted to finish it. Beating it will take guts…

Image result for air wolf game nes

…or more than guts? What more do you want from me, game?!

Jesus I’m 38 years old.

Let’s do this. Please be proud of me, Daddy…


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